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Our electrical contracting/service department provides a 24 hour breakdown and maintenance service. Its primary concern is to provide electrical service expertise to our clients through our fully qualified electrical service technicians.

Site Maintenance

Our qualified technicians have all the necessary skills and hands on experience to carry out repairs and maintenance on all makes and types of transformers and tap changers according to manufacturers’ standards.

All sizes of transformers from 25kVA up to 80MVA

  • Bushing replacement
  • Maintenance of tap changers
  • Transformer oil sampling and analysis – Performed by accredited laboratories
  • Transformer oil purification and regeneration
  • “On line” purification of oil
  • Repairs of oil leaks and re-gasket of transformers include mini-substations


A team of our service engineers would visit you, to inspect and analyze the transformers. Inspection helps us to analyze customers requirements and transformers condition so we can plan for the future work which is to be done.

Overhauling Procedures

After the inspection and based upon the measured data, suitable course of Overhauling Procedure is recommended to improve the reliability & the Life of equipment. However, at least once in a decade, overhauling is essential to restore the health of equipment. All the Chemical & Electrical Tests are performed before commissioning of the equipment to ensure the integrity.


Erection & Commissioning

Our concern is a pioneer name in offering electrical contracting services along with cable tray, switchgear and more. These services are offered in the specified time at economical prices. All the detailed specifications of the clients are taken into consideration and well implemented.

All the electrical material we supply, we provide flawless erection and commissioning. These services are rendered in the allotted period with no compromise on quality aspect.

Manpower Supply

We provide skill manpower on man-day basis for specially Transfomers Services.

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